Salifert KH Test Kit


Test your aquarium’s alkalinity levels using this Salifert Profi-Test Kit – KH + Alkalinity, as well as your water’s general hardness, ensuring that conditions are right in your tank for coral and fish health and happiness.

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Salifert KH Test Kit.

Salifert KH Test Kit is an ideal addition to any aquarist’s cupboard. The test kit will also monitor alkalinity (Carbonate Hardness). The Carbonate Hardness or KH level of the water in a reef aquarium is a vital component for healthy and strong coral growth. The KH level denotes how alkali or acidic the water is, which can affect fish and coral health if it isn’t at the right level. The ideal range for a reef aquarium is between 8.1 and 8.4. So regular testing means that you can monitor this sensitive level. Salifert’s precise tests are sensitive enough to detect even the smallest change. With enough solution to perform between 100-200 tests, this kit is not only reliable but long lasting too

Why is testing KH important?

Regular testing is important to keep an eye on all parameters in the aquarium. As well as regular tank maintenance such as removing uneaten foods after a few minutes. Keeping filters properly cleaned and performing regular water changes. Keeping an eye on pH will add in the following.
  • The continued health of aquatic life.
  • Reduction of stress on aquatic life.
  • Calcification of corals.
  • Keeps your water levels more natural.
  • Keeps pH balanced.
For more information on the Salifert Nitrate Test Kit please visit, Salifert. Other test kits in the range.

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