Gamma Seaweed Clips


Gamma Dry Seaweed Clip from TMC – easy to mount solution that allows fish to graze on seaweed, lettuce, cucumber and other forms of vegetation with a simple clip function which attaches to the side of the aquarium

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Gamma Seaweed Clips

The Gamma Seaweed Clip from TMC! Your fish have the freedom to freely graze whilst getting all the nutritional requirements that they need for healthy growth and development. The Seaweed Clip can also be used for lettuce or cucumber and easily sticks onto the side of your aquarium without any modifications needed. This hassle free solution allows natural grazing amongst your aquatic fish. Thus promoting natural feeding behaviour. The Gamma Seaweed Clip has been developed for freshwater and saltwater environments. The clip is made with high grade materials for reliability and durability.

Gamma Seaweed Clip at a Glance:

  • Allows fish to graze freely.
  • Provides an easy and accessibly solution for fish to received their nutritional requirements.
  • Promotes natural feeding behavior amongst fish.
  • Can be used for seaweed, lettuce and cucumber.
  • Easily sticks to the side of the aquarium.
  • No modifications needed.
  • Developed for freshwater and saltwater environments.
  • Easy to mount.
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