Feed Your Fish and Not Your Algae.

RowaPhos can be used in your aquarium filter to reduce levels of phosphates that would otherwise feed your unwanted algae.



What is RowaPhos.

Rowaphos is the professional method of removing Phosphate and Silicate in all types of Aquariums and Ponds. In freshwater or salt water aquariums phosphates will feed nuisance algae. Which can overrun plants and expensive corals spoiling the aesthetics of the tank and in extreme cases killing its inhabitants. Within the reef aquarium, phosphates will greatly affect the formation of coral skeletons. By reducing calcification by over 50% and by inhibiting the deposition of strontium. RowaPhos is a unique and patented, man made ferric hydroxide material. Chemically engineered for the efficient removal of phosphates, arsenic and silicates from fresh and salt water.

Why use RowaPhos.

Only Rowa make RowaPhos and any other iron based material is simply a copy with a completely different chemical structure and properties. RowaPhos has the largest absorption ability of any phosphate product worldwide and will not leach back in to the water. Resulting in the  need for immediate removal once the media is exhausted. The product is easy to use and will improve the water quality wherever Phosphate or Silicate is a problem. It is of interest to Marine and Reef Aquariums. Where its unrivalled capabilities have shown it to be extremely beneficial in the control of nuisance algae’s and the growth of hard corals. RowaPhos is a great filter media that will rid your aquarium of phosphates, traces of arsenic and other unwanted elements. Phosphates and nitrates especially are key causes of algae growth, which can be a real nuisance. Corals can suffer too. As a high level of phosphates can reduce the amount of strontium which corals calcify for healthy skeleton growth. Good tank maintenance is also key to keeping algae growth to a minimum. Waste food, fish and plant waste will produce ammonia and phosphates very quickly. Remove uneaten food after a few minutes and keep the tank and filter as clean as possible. Please note only the 100g and 250ml tubs come with a net filter.

How to use RowaPhos.

Can be used with the D-D media bags and can be placed in a sump, external filter system and if possible internal pump system. We do however recommend using it in a D-D H2Ocean Media reactor. Make sure you have it set to the correct flow as you want the media to tumble gently.

Will remove 3ppm of phosphate (PO4) from approximately:

  • 400lts – 88 UK gallons – 105 USG of salt water.
  • 800lts – 176 UK gallons – 210 USG of fresh water.
  • 1000lts  – 220 UK gallons – 265 USG of salt water.
  • 2000lts – 440 UK gallons – 530 USG of fresh water.
  • 2000lts – 440 UK gallons – 525 USG of salt water.
  • 4000lts – 880 UK gallons – 1050 USG of fresh water.
  • 4000lts – 880 UK gallons – 1050 USG of salt water.
  • 8000lts  – 1760 UK gallons – 2100 USG of fresh water.
  • 20,000lts  – 4400 UK gallons – 5250 USG of salt water.
  • 40,000lts – 8800 UK gallons – 10,500 USG of fresh water.
For more information please visit D-D the Aquarium Solution.

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