Salifert Nitrate Test Kit


Part of the Nitrogen cycle, Nitrates are a natural part of your tank’s chemistry, but you need to monitor nitrate levels to ensure they don’t rise.

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Salifert Nitrate Test Kit.

The Salifert Nitrate Test Kit is designed to test the water in your aquarium for nitrates. Nitrates can be caused when denitrification is not performing properly in the tank. Also if there is a heavy fish volume, producing a lot of waste. Nitrates result in algae growth, which can be stubborn to remove and also affect plant, coral and fish health. This expert test kit will give speedy and reliable results in under 3 minutes. The test is very sensitive too, so it will provide results that you can trust. The test’s range goes from 0.2 – 100mg/l. In a reef aquarium levels should be lower than 1mg/l but slightly higher in a fish only tank.

Why is testing Nitrate important?

Regular testing is important to keep an eye on all parameters in the aquarium. As well as regular tank maintenance such as removing uneaten foods after a few minutes. Keeping filters properly cleaned and performing regular water changes. Keeping an eye on nitrates will add in the following.
  • Corals will be able to absorb calcium more efficiently.
  • Reduction of pest algae.
  • The continued health of aquatic life.
  • Higher dissolved oxygen levels.
  • Reduction of stress on aquatic life.
For more information on the Salifert Nitrate Test Kit please visit, Salifert. Other test kits in the range.

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