Salifert PH Test Kit


Salifert Profi-Test Kits – pH helps you determine the exact pH level of your aquarium – essential for creating the optimum environment for your fish, corals and plants to thrive in.

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Salifert pH Test Kit.

The Salifert pH Test Kit is designed to help you keep your marine aquarium in the best condition. It is the ideal addition to your maintenance routine. If pH levels are allowed to spike or even fall, this can cause stress to fish. Which leaves the susceptible to diseases and sickness. Plants and corals are also negatively affected. So the pH balance is a key parameter to monitor. This top quality test kit has a scale of pH 7.4 – 8.7, so it can provide an accurate, reliable result. Salifert recommend that the pH level of a coral aquarium should be kept above 8.2. Only for use in marine aquariums.

Why is testing pH important?

Regular testing is important to keep an eye on all parameters in the aquarium. As well as regular tank maintenance such as removing uneaten foods after a few minutes. Keeping filters properly cleaned and performing regular water changes. Keeping an eye on pH will add in the following.
  • The continued health of aquatic life.
  • Reduction of stress on aquatic life.
  • Corals won’t calcify at an accelerated speed.
  • Keeps your water levels more natural.
  • Early warning sign if other parameters are off.
For more information on the Salifert Nitrate Test Kit please visit, Salifert. Other test kits in the range.

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