Salifert Nitrite Test Kit


Test the levels of Nitrites in your aquarium before they get too high, causing problems in your fish tank. You can do this easily with a Salifert Profi-Test Kit – Nitrite from Swell UK at our lowest prices ever.

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Salifert Nitrite Test Kit.

Salifert Nitrite Test Kit. Nitrites are usually converted into nitrogen gas via a sufficient filtration system. However if left unchecked, levels can cause fish and plant health problems as well as promote algae growth. This Nitrite Test Kit from Salifert is part of their excellent range of test kits that are designed to help you pinpoint problem areas in your aquarium. This kit of 50 tests is very sensitive, to provide the most accurate, intense results possible. Results are visible in just one minute, so you can quickly check nitrite levels and act accordingly. The kit has two separate scales, one with a range of 0.002-0.12 mg/l, and another with a medium scale from 0.02 – 1.2mg/l. Make this test part of your regular tank maintenance routine, as well as making sure that uneaten food is removed after a few minutes and ensuring that the filtration system is suitable for the fish stock.

Why is testing Nitirte important?

Regular testing is important to keep an eye on all parameters in the aquarium. As well as regular tank maintenance such as removing uneaten foods after a few minutes. Keeping filters properly cleaned and performing regular water changes. Keeping an eye on phosphate will add in the following.
  • The continued health of aquatic life.
  • Reduction of stress on aquatic life.
For more information on the Salifert Nitrate Test Kit please visit, Salifert. Other test kits in the range.

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