TMC Easi-Dose – Dosing System


TMC REEF EASI-Dose programmable dosing system is a high precision, programmable dosing system for accurately dosing supplements and/or feeds both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.



TMC REEF EASI-Dose System.

The REEF EASI-Dose is compact in design with built-in communication capability allowing the dosing master system to be upgraded and integrated with future technologies*. The system is digitally adjustable to give you accurate and reliable dosing. The REEF EASI-Dose is completely user friendly and simple to set up and use. The way the unit is designed, is with the user in mind and therefore the parts are easily accessible for maintenance. You can house the units by using the TMC REEF EASI-Dose Shelves. Key Features: •High Precision and accurate •Units incorporate 1, 2 or 3 independent dosing pumps •Expandable up to 8 additional pumps (Via Slaves) •Easy to read LED screen •Safe, low voltage – 12v dc •For Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums •3 models plus slave available •12 months guarantee Product Specifications: 1 Master Unit •Single Pump •Dimensions: L135 x D117 x H67mm 2 Master Unit •Two pumps •Dimensions: L135 x D117 x H67mm 3 Master Unit •Three Pumps •Dimensions: L230 x D154 x H67mm Slave Unit •Four additional pumps •Dimensions: L230 x D154 x H67mm *Additional equipment required – not supplied We do recommend using it along side the TMC Easi-dose range! For more information please visit, TMC.

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