TMC Reef Cam – Rock Base and Case


TMC Reef Camera Rock Case – natural and realistic-looking rock disguise-casing for the TMC Reef underwater camera for better close-ups and videoing. Easily blends into aquarium decor.

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TMC Reef Cam Rock Base and Case

So you’re now a proud owner of the TMC Reef underwater camera and are enjoying live streaming all of your coolest snap shots and videos of your underwater universe with the rest of the world? But now you’re looking for a discreet holding case to get even better close-up pictures of your tank inhabitants? The TMC Reef Cam Rock Base and Case goes hand-in-hand with the camera itself and has been custom-built to house the camera so that it looks better disguised once inside your tank. The clever casing for the TMC Reef underwater camera blends into rock work and decor effortlessly.  Your fish won’t even know it’s there!! Get the best out of your camera by monitoring the activity and behaviour of all of your aquariums species. At any time of the day or night. The casing looks natural, allowing your fish to swim around it as a normal aquarium ornament. The TMC Reef Cam Rock Base and Case is developed from robust and water-resistant materials. As well as a long-lasting quality finish. Allowing you to enjoy using your camera for years without having to think about replacing anything!

TMC Reef Cam Rock Base and Case At a Glance:

  • Natural, realistic-looking casing.
  • Suitable for housing the TMC Reef underwater camera.
  • Close-up pictures.
  • Day or nighttime recording.
  • Melds into the decor of your aquarium for easy disguise.
  • Developed from high-grade materials for long lasting finish.
  • Genuine TMC product.
For more information please visit, TMC. Click here to see the TMC Reef Cam!

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